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29 January 2008 @ 12:39 am
4.8 ac, oth, gossip girl  

AC Milan x 19
Stock x6
Gossip Girl x9 [mainly Chuck&Nathaniel]
One Tree Hill x18
John Krasinski ♥ x10














Comments are love, that is all.
(I was planning on going through more fandoms but...did not, maybe another day)
Arooj: Ronaldo>Arsenalarooj on January 30th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
great job on those icons. :D Pato sure is cute. You know some of us like Nesta,hahaha. :P or Hleb isnt too bad....
being bored isnt all that bad then? ;)

And p.s i aint going to be going mia anymore, mostly because whats the point not coming online and distracting myself with something else? just cutting my time down starting from next week. and also i think we are getting back to being really good chums(friends,haha) so i dont want to ruin it. So i guess i'll be seeing you around some time maybe tonight or later this week ;)
brokenaesthetic on January 30th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
The icon..I just dont find nice, I mean come on woman!
& aw, you likes Nesta? look at me grin!

& aww, you make me happy. I think we have too which is very awesome indeed. I'm glad you're not going MIA; I think I might have work till 1:30 am tomorrow so maybe we talk friday *grins*
I love you alot. and alot. and alot.